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Noopur - Dance Video

For you, who do not have an access to the dance teacher, we have developed a Dance Instruction Video - "Noopur" to help you learn this complex art of Bharatnatyam Dance.


With step by step guidance from teacher Swati Shah you will learn all the basic dance steps of Bharatnatyam. Very easy to follow, even your 5 yr. old will be able to learn this dance. We have included about 100 steps which is 1st year of course material. Also included on this video is Dance Hand gestures - 32 Single hand and 26 combine hands. You can preview some of the pictures of the hand gestures on this web site.


The total length of DVD is about 3 hours and it's divided into two parts. Noopur Part 1 and Part 2.

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Noopur - Bharatnatyam Dance Instruction Video
(Set of 2 DVDs)
1 lbs
US: $7.00
Canada: $10:00
Other Countries: $20.00

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