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Noopur Fall Semester

Enroll for the new Bharatnatyam dance semester starting August 24, 2012. Register now online or by calling 214-923-0563.

Age 5 and above.

Register Online


Near - Hedgcoxe and Custer in Plano


School Policy

All the students/parents are required to sign Liability Waiver form upon enrollment. This can be done vis online registration as well. 

Dress Code: No jeans, Shorts or dresses allowed. No sleeveless shirts allowed. Students can wear tights and T-shirt or Indian tops. And hair tied in pony tail.

No parents are allowed during the class time. There is a parent preview time. At last class of every month for last 15 min. of the class, parents are allowed to preview the class. For any question, please call or email. We can quickly answer your question but can't spend too much time as classes are schedule back to back. 


If you miss a class, please notify us so we can work with you in next class - 10/15 min prior to the class or at the end of the class.



If we the teachers cancel a class due to inclement weather, an emergency, or any other unforeseen reason, a make-up class will be scheduled.  No refunds will be given if you do not attend a make-up class.



Terms of Payment:

Register online and payment is accepted via Check or Cash 

We have two Semesters - September - December and January - May.

Tuition is per semester and due by the 2nd class of the semester.  

A late fee of $25.00 will be applied if payment is not received on time.



Basic Class Rules

  • Students are required to register for class. This can be done in person or online at http://www.noopur.com
  •  Waiver form must sign by parents/guardian prior to starting the session
  •  We follow the Plano School calendar. There won’t be any classes held during the long weekends, fall break and Spring break (one of the weekend - beginning or the end of the break).
  • All students must arrive in time and picked up right after the class is over. We won’t babysit your child. If you are running late please inform us.
  • All students will enter and leave from the back entrance. If parents are visiting the class, please park in front and use the back entrance to come to the class.
  •  Parents can visit last class of the month for the last 15 min to see the progress.
  •  We request 100% attendance to the class but if you miss a class for medical reason, please talk to us and we will try to either call you to the same level class on other time or will give you 15 min of time to go over missed topic.
  • Dress Code: All students are required to wear proper dance attire to the class. No jeans, shorts, frocks, and reveling tops are allowed. Please wear long tights (Target/walmart) with a t-shirt or Indian top. (Main reason is that students will sit in half squat position and they should be comfortable).
  • Practice: All students are required to practice 20 min a day for their dance routine. This is very important for everyone – student and their class mate - unless they practice they will not remember the step and will have to repeat in the class. This will result in loss of opportunity to learn new items.
  • End of semester exams: Each student will be evaluated at the end of the semester on the last class of the session. They will be awarded certificates based on their performance at the annual recital.
  • Recital: Annual recital will be in May/June. All students will perform Bharatnatyam dance routine and India nite song. We will inform you about recital fees, date and venue later.
  • India Nite: India Nite is a separate enrollment. Tuition is $120.00 Mid Oct 2011 – Jan 2012 for Noopur Student. Non –Noopur students pay $170.00. Details will be sent home or via e-mail. Most of the practices will be done on Sunday afternoon or weekdays. Students will be placed in a group based on age and experience.
  • Please feel free to speak with the teacher if you have any questions or concerns.



News & Events

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Fall semester enrollment starts August 1, 2012. Please click here to register.

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