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Fall semester starts from August 24, 2012. Call today for more details - 214-923-0563

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Noopur Dance Academy - School of Bharatanatyam and Folk Dance was founded in 1992 by Swati Shah,a talented Bharatanatyam dancer from India , dedicated to promote traditional dances in USA . Located in Plano, Noopur Dance Academy has trained many students in Bharatanatyam and Folk Dance. Students from age 5 years and above are exposed to this beautiful dance form from India. In the last ten years they have performed various dances throughout the metroplex at events such as, Dallas International Festival, India Nite, Dance for Planet, Asia Festival, Discover India , Kimbel Art Museum . Noopur Dance Academy also host the Annual Dance Showcase. This helps the students gain confidence, understand group dynamics, and stage aesthetics.


Indian Classical Dance

The heritage of Indian Classical Dance embraces several styles, the most popular being Odissi, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Kathakali and Bharatanatyam. They can all trace their origins to the “Natya Shastra “ a treatise on dance, written by Sage Bharata over 2000 years ago. Bharatanatyam is perhaps the oldest among classical dance. Bharata was a legendary sage whom Brahma, the god of creation, himself is supposed to have instructed in the art of dance for the purpose of propagating the art to all mankind. The three syllables, Bha-Ra-Ta, illustrates the three quintessential components of the dance, namely, Bhava (expressions), Raga (melody) and Tala (rhythm). Bharatanatyam was nurtured in the temples of South India , and even today has very close ties to religion.





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Fall semester enrollment starts August 1, 2012. Please click here to register.

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